Tuesday 18th June, (Ingham).

I had a story to put on paper yesterday, but after the events of the day I found I was too tired to even think about it.

We are now at Ingham, and what was to be a two-day, or so, stay will turn out to be something like a week, what with the events of yesterday and also finding that Ingham actually has a fair bit to offer for the traveller.

During our several short trips over the past few days I have been wondering about the strange feelings of movement of the caravan, I had simply put it down to the different effects the new tow hitch was having. Then one of our dreads occurred: a blowout of a tyre on the caravan half way during our trip to Ingham.

To make things worse the temperature was very high and after the rain the day before the humidity would have had to be the worst I have yet experienced, yet there I was on the side of a busy highway, in this tremendous heat and humidity, dodging traffic trying to change the wheel, and Linda over the other side of the van thinking that because the other side wheel was down over the edge of the road, the lean on the van whilst jacked up was going to cause it to topple. I don’t know why she thought it would help, but she stood there leaning against the van trying to prop it up trying to stop it toppling.

All this was after packing up to move in the unbearable discomfort of the heat, and then later one still had to set up camp at our new destination in heat just as unbearable as it had been all day. I guess this is what one should expect to happen with the life style we are experiencing at present, but one hopes that it doesn’t, especially with the heat as well.