Balgal Beach

Friday 28th June, (Balgal beach).

We are still touring around the freebie camp areas between Ingham and Townsville. We are enjoying this lifestyle so much we are looking forward to getting as much of it in the future as we possibly can.

We are now back at Balgal beach, we stayed here on our way to Ingham, and the Midges are as bad as ever, a good cover of insect repellent keeps them at bay though. We plan on leaving here on Sunday with an overnight stay at another campground at Bluewater. This one is only a 12-hour area, but it is all we need as we plan on being back in Townsville on Monday.

We had the caravan weighed as we departed from Ingham and the result made me wish we had not. The overall weight is 150k over the maximum allowed for a single axle van so consequently all other weights are above our limits as well. I am not how sure I can trust the accuracy of the weighbridge though as it was rather old and manually operated. Being primarily for much heavier vehicles I wonder how accurate the reading were for these low weights. The result was that I had a tow ball weight of, would you believe, 340 kilograms, I don’t believe it possible the ball weight could be any heavier than 240 odd.

Anyway the end result is that we must get some weight off the caravan. If they will fit, the spare tyres, van and car, will be put on roof racks on the car, and the bikes must go from the rear of the van. We are at present considering sending Linda’s bike back to Tassie for Adrian and possibly keeping mine if it will also fit on the roof racks, if not it must go as well. Removing the car spare from inside will free up a great deal of space so we can remove several items from the van and store them in the panel van. I am still allowed an extra 3-400k carried in it before exceeding it’s legal limit so hopefully this and a few other rearrangements will at least overcome our problems to the extent we will be a lot happier with towing it.

We are booked into the park in Townsville for a month so I am considering treating myself while we are there with a landline phone line for quick Internet and such for a change. I am also going to finally overcome my problems with mobile access using my new laptop by buying a new mobile. I have found one that has USB connectivity so it will be purchased. I have also decided that rather than throw it away I will reconnect my existing one to another number at a cheep rate and keep it as a spare. I have been having a little trouble with Internet access with my existing one, which finally convinced me to buy the new one, but it seems that the problem only occurred at Ingham, so the phone itself looks like still being ok.

Oh well the next couple of days look like being the last restful days for a while so I may as well make the most of them.