Friday 24th May, (Townsville).

We are now at Townsville, after having a 400km odd trip one was fairly tired last night. We got to meet Denis and Sue for a short visit and then settled down for the evening, or tried to.

We had possibly made the mistake of travelling all the way to Townsville with the air-conditioner in the car turned on and when we reached the outskirts of town I turned it off and opened the window, as is customary, and instantly my shirt felt like it wanted to stick to me. Coming from the dry conditions of the outback to the humid conditions on the coast was a bit of a shock to the system. This was probably one reason we had problems settling down last night, as the warmer conditions were something we weren’t used to. I’m sure tonight will be different though.

It is at the moment 11.30pm and I feel as though it is much earlier, probably due to the increased temperature giving us the feeling that is not late due to it not having cooled down yet.

A pleasant surprise was had today as I acted on a hunch I had while travelling to Townsville yesterday. I had the thought that the damage sustained to the car the other day may even be covered by my car insurance; after all it was panel damage. I rang the insurance company with my query and to my surprise the answer was yes. A minor problem though with my having had repairs done already and not advising them, but an explanation by me seemingly satisfying them resulted in the rest being up to the assessor. I have sent them details and the receipt and will now have to wait to see what results.

We managed to get a lengthy visit with Denis and Sue, along with the couple that have been tagging along with them, tonight. We will see them again tomorrow as neither of us have any plans, so I dare say we should catch up with any gossip I have missed out on lately.