Sunday 26th May, (Townsville).

Denis and Sue have now moved on toward Cairns and it was nice to have met them and sit and chat about old times.

We had a drive to Mt. Stuart today, which is the big hill to the south with all the towers on. We noticed a sign on our way in from Hughenden the other day pointing to a lookout that looked as though it was on the mountain, so we checked it out. The scenery of the surrounding area is fantastic from up there, although it was overcast today, and I might go back up one day when it is perfectly clear.

Monday 27th May, (Townsville).

The order of the day today was to have a wheel alignment and balance as after the gravel road incident I have noticed a small vibration suspension wise. It turned out that there was no problem with the front end, but a rear tyre is about to self-destruct. It now seems that two new tyres will have to be purchased, and that will blow the budget for this month. I now hope all the more that the insurance company will come the party with the sump repairs.