Saturday 11th May, (Ilfracombe).

We passed a small town called Ilfracombe on the way here that had a large display of machinery on the side of the road and we decided, seeing it is only 30km from Longreach, that we would return for a trip rather than stop on the way. Today we returned and had a look, and it was spectacular. All of the machinery was very old and some were actually one of only several made. An old bulldozer for eg was one of only three ever made and some of the mechanics is something to behold.

Another example was an old war tank, one of which was sold after the war in new condition for 5 pounds. Some people were known to buy them, fit blades to the front and sell them for 500 pounds or so. The one on display is one such item.

This was a very interesting and worthwhile visit. Some of the other machinery consisted of a pair of wagons, 6 wheeled, powered from the tractor by tail shaft and had steering mechanics you wouldn’t believe. They had pivoting hubs, front and rear linked together so when the front turned one way the rear turned the other, and very ingenious I thought.