Monday 20th May, (Hughenden).

An eventful day was had today with a trip to Porcupine Gorge. A trip of 70km North on gravel roads with ruts about two feet deep made by the road trains, but more about them later.

Porcupine Gorge is a definite must see when in this area, with spectacular scenery and being a photographer’s paradise. The trip offered several lookout points of a gorge several kilometres long, alongside which the road travels. One of the lookout points has a walking track down into the gorge and is a must do. The base of the gorge is one great mass of sand stone, offering shapes galore of which are ground into it. I didn’t take my camera bag with me, thinking the 64meg card in the camera would hold enough shots for the day, about 96. I used them all up and could also have used the spare memory card, which gives me about another 20 or so, but it was in the bag, wasn’t it. Anyway I was happy with what I did get.

On the way home, and I must admit I was travelling a little in the style I would have in my younger days. I came to grief with a mound of gravel in the middle of the road filled with large rocks. Nothing was noticed immediately, but when we arrived back in town and parked the car Linda with her keen nose smelled hot oil. An inspection underneath did in fact reveal an oil leak, a trip to the RAC garage and a more thorough inspection revealed a large dent in the bottom of the sump and a leak from the sump plug. Discussions with the mechanic concluded that a replacement sump was in order rather than try to repair it. Could be an expensive lesson, but it will possibly teach me to slow down on gravel.

Oh well we will get a restful day tomorrow as the car has been left at the garage for repairs. We have booked into the park for another day while repairs are done, and hopefully they will be completed tomorrow.