Sunday 19th May, (Hughenden).

We have moved north 214km to Hughenden; this is the first leg of turning around and heading for the coast.

I managed to get quite a few photos of the township of Winton yesterday. We had a special reason for getting more shots taken than usual, as Linda’s best friend from back home was raised in Winton and we thought that we would take some photos of things that would interest her. We then printed some of them so Linda can either mail or take them back to her when she returns home in July.

We have learned once again that it is hard to estimate what a town is like from maps and books that we have. Hughenden gave us the impression that is a larger town than Winton, but when we arrived the opposite proved to be the case. It is one of the sleepiest little towns we have yet visited. After having a short drive around the town we decided that we had then seen all that we want to see and apart from the pubs, which are still big, there is basically nothing else I would want to photograph.

We are planning on having a day trip, or two, while here to see some national parks and gorges, eg the Porcupine Gorge, about 60km north of here.

There are others on our way to Townsville and we are hopeful that they contain campsites so we can stay over night, but unfortunately, according to the visitors info centre, most have access only via gravel roads so it may be staying in towns and day tripping.