Chapter Thirteen.

No superstitions, the next few months will be GOOOOD!!

Monday 29th April 2002, (Tambo).

The continuing journey through the outback, especially seeing it is the year of the outback, has now taken us to a small town called Tambo. This town boasts that is possibly the oldest Queensland outback township, and some of the houses reflect this possibly to be true The country side in this area, to be expected I suppose, is completely different than any other I, or we, have ever experienced. It is as flat as; when we approached Tambo this terrain was obviously making an impression upon us as we both commented on the mountains in the distance. These are of the size that would probably be totally ignored if in Tassie or on the east coast of the mainland.

One thing I was prepared to accept in this area was the increase in the price of fuel, and it has so far gradually progressed upward, but the surprise when reaching Tambo was, especially gas, the price is back down to almost what we were paying in Toowoomba (gas was in fact cheaper).

Although we haven’t fully discussed it yet the chances are we will stay here for 2 days. We have chosen to stay at a camping area just on the eastern edge of town on the banks of a lake, well a large pond, and according to all my documentation we would be permitted to stay here for 48 hours. Linda is already making comments on how enjoyable it is camping on the edge of the lake with the scenery being much more pleasant to the eye as it is generally missed in caravan parks.

The power system will get a full test tonight as the Northern Territory V8 car racing is on telly late and I will intend sitting up to watch it. This will mean the tellie will be running for about 5 to 6 hours instead of the usual 2 or 3 and it is the telly that uses most power.