Tuesday 16th April, (Roma).

We had a walk around Roma today and took a heap of photos of some of the old buildings, and were quite surprised to find all the hotels are in what seems original condition of construction.

One other thing we have found different here is the water. It is artesian water that seeps through the ground from Carnarvon ranges, and is apparently that close to pure it doesn’t matter, and then they have to spoil it by adding chemicals that are mandatory as required by the powers to be. It would have to be the softest water I have ever experienced, to have a shower is an experience on its own, one lathers up much more than usual and one can feel their skin softening upon application of the water, almost like showering in oil. To clean my dentures is a new challenge as they become so slippery one has trouble holding on to them.

This area is famous for its artesian water and stories over the years of attempts to drill for it. It is quite deep in the ground and some drillings in years gone by actually came across gas and oil instead. Gas has been piped from here to Brisbane, I don’t know whether still or not but further trips around will reveal more details later.

Sunday 21st April, (Roma).

Nothing more to report to date as this past week has been one of relaxation again. I am going to give serious consideration to not staying at places such as this for longer than a few days because there really isn’t much to do and we could be looking further at different places. There is a lot to see yet.

We have heard of and investigated a place we consider is a must see while in the area called Carnarvon Gorge. It is situated about 100k north of Roma via Injune, quite spectacular apparently. We won’t be going there just yet though as we must travel via Charleville first. I have organised a retailer in Tassie to mail me some tobacco that will be there in a couple of days. This is not the only reason though as we have decided to stick to what were our original travel plans and hopefully go as far as Winton.

We do intend visiting Carnarvon on our leg toward Rockhampton in a few weeks. When we get to Emerald we will detour south and make the visit.