Sunday 14th April, (Roma).

It turned out that it didn’t rain after all, so we packed up this morning and moved on to Roma, nearly 200k from Chinchilla past Miles.

Roma, from what I have seen so far, is a very old town and has some really old buildings that I am sure will make good photos.

We chose to stay at the big4 caravan park rather than the others although it is a little dearer, and talking later to other travellers it was mentioned that the others are not the best to stop at any way. The reason wasn’t clearly given, but when a traveller makes a statement like that there is generally a very good reason, so our actions may have been the correct one. Anyway the cost turned out not to be a big factor this time as we decided to treat ourselves to an en-suite site for a change.

I think we are starting to get the realisation of what it is going to be like travelling the NT and WA later, with the countryside we are travelling now being flat, the same continuously and rather boring. I should imagine that this is what those areas are going to be like but on a larger scale.

I am having a problem with the Internet that I must sort out this week, as I am at present being denied access to my email. There seems to be problems with passwords, so I will report the problem, get a fault number and then ring a tech. that I was talking to last December about another problem. Hopefully this plan will see a remedy early rather than wait possibly weeks for them to ring me to resolve it, we will see what happens.

Monday 15th April, (Roma).

A day of difference today where my main concern was to get my email working. Surprise, surprise, things went well; after the usual wait and hassles with the first person on the phone and getting put through to the wrong department, I was actually put through to the people I would have rang after I was issued with a fault code. These people, after hearing my explanation of the problem, went in and reset my password to what I wanted and assured me that it would now work. They then gave me a logon and password for the new dialup number, #777, and said that should work.

I explained to them that I would not try it until after 7pm, when it is cheaper, so if something doesn’t work I would ring back tomorrow. The answer to this was that they work until midnight so I could ring immediately. The new access number didn’t work, but my email did, so I rang to explain this and an answer was given straight away. It seems that the # will not be accepted from some mobiles as an actual digit, the person who would know was off duty so the plan is to ask him tomorrow and ring me back with the answer. If my phone is not affected then he will work with me to try to work out the problem.

It was very enlightening to find things go my way for a change, they haven’t been lately, except for the fact that I overlooked the fact that tobacco would be difficult to obtain in this area. I have several shops in Roma seeking to find me some and I have rang Danny in Brisbane to get him to find me some and put it on the bus, so we will see what eventuates. I guess the worst thing to happen is that I will end up with 3 cartons or so.

Anyway back to travels; we have spent a fair bit of time discussing, even with friends we have met, and looking at changing our travel plans to incorporate some locations we had not earlier considered, being Carnarvon Gorge. If we choose to change our plans it will mean taking a different route to get to Barcaldine and we will have to backtrack a few hundred more kilometres than we had planned, but that’s life.