Monday 22nd April, (Mitchell).

We have now moved on to Mitchell, known as the gateway to the outback and I thought we have been in it for ages. It turns out we didn’t have to stay the extra day at Roma to catch the TV shows as they have the same channels available here as they do at Roma. It seems that there have been some changes to TV transmission in the outback since my information booklet was printed. My book shows many towns only have ABC and TEN, where in fact it seems that SEVEN Central has replaced TEN, using the same channels, and Imparja, made up of a combination of NINE and TEN, have opened up transmission in towns as well. This combination generally gives us all that we prefer to watch.

One of the main reasons we stopped here, apart from the fact that it was a 90k trip to get here (about our limit), is because we heard about this caravan park that offered the first two days free. The story turned out to be true and the park is of surprisingly good condition, providing en-suites as well as normal facilities included in the 2 free days terms. If one chooses to stay for a longer term, minimal charges are applied per additional day, and these fees are very cheap compared to other parks.

The township has a few things going for it, such as Artesian pools, river rides and a few scenic walks so one could spend a few days here, but we are only staying the 2. I guess the rates provided are a temptation for travellers to spend some time, and money, in the township and it obviously works. As we heard, one has to arrive early or will miss out, and this is true as well, as the park this evening is completely full as it is apparently every day.