Friday 26th April, (Charleville).

I had a very interesting day today learning some chores on the computer while Linda did her weekly shopping thing. I was intent on finding out how to transfer emails from one PC to another, by a method other that one at a time. I am committed to doing this at some time, as I intend that when I obtain a mobile phone that will connect to my new laptop I will require all my mail from the old laptop on the new one for reference. With perseverance I finally found how and where email is stored on a computer, and consequently how to transfer it from one PC to another. There is a trick to getting the files active on the new PC, but now knowing that, the procedure is relatively easy (time consuming, but easy).

Another reason for finding this out is so when I am confident that I have all I need off the old laptop I can reformat the old one and reload it from scratch to get rid of the rubbish that is still on it. Another project I intended to accomplish was to find out how to easily transfer my photo library from one to another as when I purchased my new one I had to rebuild the library from scratch manually. Another win when I did find an easy method for this transfer.

All in all a successful day was had in front of the PC, after all it is good for learning PC operations.

Touring, we did do some touristy things as well, the happy hour at 5:00pm where park guests gather together and with drinks and nibbles have a get to know each other session. Then at 6:00 pm we went to a Bilby show, what I thought would be a show demonstrating what the Bilby is, how it lives etc. The session turned out to be a seminar type session with the prime objective being to raise money for the protection of the same, they did have a tame one for display. I feel as though I was duped into going and paying what turned out to be a $10.00 donation, but it turned out that it probably was a good cause after all. I wonder how many people leave the show with the same attitude as I, as most of the attendees were from the caravan park and would have received the same spiel about it as we did. It wasn’t complete rip off though as I did leave with the idea that I had donated to a good cause.

We have decided that this being a nice place, especially to relax, that we will stay on an additional day and just leisurely see the rest of what we intend while here.

Sunday 28th April, (Charleville).

We finally attended a sky watch session last evening and it turned out to be an immensely interesting evening. It soon became aware to me that I had never before had a look at the stars through a telescope, one big enough to see them in some detail at least. I have since been almost intent on the idea of getting a large telescope and studying the stars more often, but finances and spare space are the restrictions.

A very relaxing and enjoyable week has been spent in Charleville, we were both content with our stay, and Linda even said she would like to stay here longer. This town will be remembered.

There is no particular reason other than sixteen pages, but I will call this the end to this chapter, stay tuned for the next exiting episode.