Thursday 25th April, (Charleville).

We are now at Charleville, a further 200k west, and were only going to stay for four days but may change our booking for a longer term. The town is quite a nice place and the park we are staying in is one which gives the feel of a place one could spend quite a bit of time sitting and relaxing. One thing that helps with this feeling is all the bird life that are around most of the day, they just cheer up ones day that much.

There appears to be quite a few things to do here, such as an observatory that gives a talking display as well as a look at the stars, we must check that one out. They also have a Bilby nursery so it will be no doubt interesting to visit there.

The township again has many old buildings, and big pubs, so today was spent walking around taking pictures.

Speaking of pubs; I have noticed in this area that all towns have big pubs and many of them. We noticed at Mitchell, being as small a town as it is, had about 5 pubs, most being very large giving the impression that these towns were at one stage very large townships or plenty of heavy drinkers. Even towns we pass through consisting of a shop (service station) and about two or three houses have a huge pub, some being two stories and looking as though there would be about 50 or so rooms upstairs.