Wednesday 27th March, (Toowoomba).

I must mention a comment Linda has been making over the last couple of days, “I’m glad you have your new mobile back”. I guess she means that my temper has settled somewhat since I have had it, what a saga.

The rain is upon us once again so today was a day for shopping and checking out shopping centres, one of Linda’s favourite pastimes. As usual for a city this size there are quite a few shopping centres so we only managed to visit about half of them and the other half will have to wait until another day.

Thursday 28th March, (Toowoomba).

Rain? I am not sure I can remember the last time I experienced a storm like last night. According to the news tonight we had about 85mm of rain overnight in Toowoomba. We had power blackouts all night, up until bedtime that I know, and there were quite a few incidents of storm damage in the area. It was a bonus having our own power as we could still watch a little telly while everyone else was in darkness.

More rain today and my car in for a service confined us to the caravan today, which gave us a chance to tidy up paper work, a job we both abhor. 8:00pm and we are sitting through another storm, not as bad as last night but another storm none the less. It could be just as well we have decided to stay here for two weeks so the gear may get a chance to dry out before we move on.