Gold Coast

Friday 22nd March, (Gold Coast).

Still on the Gold Coast and have now decided to stick with our original decision to travel inland toward Mt. Isa. Our first stop will be Toowoomba, about 120K west of Brisbane, and will stay there until after Easter, unless we change our mind. We have heard a few reports about Toowoomba of varied aspects so it will be interesting to see what it is actually like. One comment was “You will be surprised how much like Launceston it is”.

Again I have not been putting much down in words as between visiting Tony and Brenda, and working on the new PC, there has not been much time. Probably to be truthful, after having several problems with the laptops this week, I really have not been very interested in putting any words down. Due to new laptops not having serial ports I could not get my mobiles to work on the new one, even with adaptors that Tony had, and I knew existed. We will just have to keep using the old one for Internet work. We intend keeping the old one anyway so this won’t be a problem.

My replacement phone finally, after 3 months, turned up today so I guess some of my frustrations should be non-existent from now on. My only concern is that to get rid of my complaints LG may have given me a replacement of the same version as the other one and it too may fail: we will just have to wait and see.