Wednesday 6th March, (Gold Coast/ Brisbane).

Good race that one, a pity though that so many cars were wiped out on the first corner. This at least gave our ‘Ausie’ Webber a better chance to place 5th where he did though.

Monday was a rest day, doing a little shopping and sight seeing and yesterday we went for a drive up the hills a little west of the Gold coast to see if we could get some pictures. I studied my maps and found some lookouts up there so we decided to find them. The result was the same as many areas as scenic and popular like this one and the locals have since subdivided and built houses where the lookouts used to be and now only they have the benefit of the spectacular views of the Gold coast that these areas once had to offer to anybody. I did manage to find some areas where we could get some shots from vacant blocks that have not yet been built on.

In the evening we went for a meal with old friends Tony and wife Brenda and had another chance to chat about old times. It has become clear now why we hit it off so well, as we did years ago, because I am finding the same thing is happening now, it is a pity though that apart from us travelling, They are off to Moscow next week on a new working venture so I guess it was fortunate that we did get to catch up with them again.

We are now in Brisbane, camped at a caravan park at Eight Mile Plains, south east of the city. We chose this park so we could check it out, as it could be the most suitable for Christmas when, and if, Matthew and family come across for their visit. It seems like a good enough park, but I think the 4 1/2 star rating must be for their cabin section as the caravan section is really no better than some 3 star we have stayed at.

Now, at least, we will be able to settle down to our steady touring pace once again.