Monday 4th February, (Tocumwal).

Even though the wind was blowing this morning, but not as bad as the past couple of days, it was decided to move on regardless as we need to make a move if we are to reach Brisbane on time without rushing.

Our plans are to stay as often as we can in overnight rest areas as much as we can in future and we decided that our first would be at Tocumwal. After enquiries about a book on camp areas in Australia we found where we could purchase one in Shepparton so we did buy one and we are quite pleased with what we see in it. It contains details of thousands of rest areas nation wide with details of where they are and what facilities are provided so it makes it a little easier to select ones to visit. An example of this is; we knew there was a camp area at Tocumwal from other books we have, but this new book gave details of four in the immediate area.

Here we are then on our first official camping out night with the new power system, and what a way to give it a full test, it is now raining and we had overcast weather all day. We were running two fridges while travelling and the car would not provide enough power to supply both so as a result our batteries are down somewhat before we even start and if the trend continues there won’t be any sun to charge the batteries tomorrow. Never mind though, if it is not sunny in the morning I still have the generator I could run for a couple of hours before we move on.

We have still been discussing which way to travel to Brisbane and have now decided to go from here to Albury, so Linda can do some birthday shopping for Narrelle, and then on to Canberra for a look. Then we will travel the Hume highway to Sydney and along the coast from then on. We will be looking at staying at campsites along the way, such as between Albury and Canberra, and then more between there and Sydney. I can already see that the new book will be worth buying as it will soon be payed for and then we can start noticing the savings.

The site we are camped in at the moment is a very nice quiet place on the banks of the Murray River at Tocumwal and is an area one could spend a deal of time, given one would have better weather, maybe some time in the future we will look at this idea, not only here but other areas as well.