The Entrance

Saturday 16th February, (The Entrance, Forster/Tuncurry).

We did end up having some good weather, at last, and enjoyed it greatly.

We found this Island of Tasmania, complete with Pelicans.

We have now moved on to Forster/Tuncurry, about 200 kilometres north, in the Great lakes area just south of Taree.

We will have about two more stops before we finally head into Brisbane.

Sunday 17th February, (Forster/Tuncurry).

Had a look around at some lookouts in the local area and found a couple that provide good to spectacular scenery, it is a pity that it was so windy though, which made it very hazy.

It is easy to tell that we are further north than a couple of weeks ago, when the wind still blows and it rains occasionally, but it is sooo! warm.

We recently received contact numbers and email addresses for an old workmate, Denis Bowden, who received a redundancy at the same time as I, but he was the one who had to stay at work a little longer and do all the organising to make sure the rest of us got away. He and wife have gotten the caravanning bug as well and are also on the mainland. I have been communicating with him and hope to bump into them somewhere on our travels. They are also heading up the east coast but they don’t have a schedule to keep, as we do at the moment, so we are moving up at a faster rate than they are. Never mind, we will see them sometime.