The Entrance

Wednesday 13th February, (The Entrance).

A look around the area was the order of the day. The weather not being very good again today means we will just look for good photo taking areas so we can go back on a fine day and get some good shots, hopefully.

The area has some very good scenery to offer, being rather hilly and right on the coast, with some good lookouts. Some we didn’t visit today with the idea of doing those on a finer day. The forecast is for fine days to follow, but I’m not saying that I trust the forecast.

The Entrance

Tuesday 12th February, (The Entrance).

The Entrance is our choice of stay for the next few days. The Entrance is situated only about 100 kilometres north of Sydney, just north of Gosford.

Our time in Sydney was just as we intended, very relaxing. We did go out for tea one night with Sue and invited her around to the van for tea the other nights; this was to prevent her from dragging us out every night. Normally we wouldn’t have minded going out but it would not have been in keeping with us just sitting around.

Linda did go shopping with Sue on Sunday, and didn’t enjoy the experience at all as Sue is one to have money to spend, and did, and Linda was just left feeling out of it as she does have to watch her budget.

We did at one stage accept that we may have to stay in Sydney for a few days as the weather forecast was not good, but New South Wales keeping up with their standards got it all wrong again and it has been reasonably fine, except for the wind, so we were able to move on.

We may have chosen the wrong caravan park on this visit, as it was quite full when we arrived and we were only left with the last sites to be normally allocated, obviously. There is nothing really wrong with the park; it is just that it would have been nice to have a choice of a better site. We are stuck behind a great big palm type bush, which is blocking our TV reception but a move of the aerial to the front of the van has somewhat overcome the problem. We are getting pretty good reception but it should be perfect.

One of our main reasons for stopping here, apart from the fact that we bypassed it last time, is to visit an old friend who lives at Gosford. I haven’t seen him for quite a few years, except for when we were on the same boat to come over here in Jan. 2001, and I am looking forward to catching up with him again.


Saturday 9th February, (Sydney).

Well the weather is still not favourable so we decided against an over night stop on the way and are now in Sydney.

We have met up with Sue (sister) already and she has so far organised a night out for tea and a shopping trip for her and Linda tomorrow. Other than this we intend to have a very restful stay here without venturing very far at all.

The length of our stay here will purely depend on the weather as we have decided that we are now close enough to Brisbane to change our plans to suit us and move where, and when we please.


Thursday 7th February, (Canberra).

We ended up going direct to Canberra and hope that we don’t very often make a trip like that again, to far, too long, too hot.

I believe Linda is very impressed with Canberra, she was heard to say, “Look at all the things to do here, and most of it is free”. Two days are obviously not going to be enough time here, so we will definitely be back some day, unless we decide to stay here a bit longer.

As was probably expected we are back to cheap fuel prices, isn’t it typical that the pollies would look after their own welfare, not that any of them pay for anything here though.

The weather forecast is still not good, but I hope it will be good enough for a good look around tomorrow.

Friday 8th February, (Canberra).

A rather disappointing day today, spoiled by weather, or should I say weather forecasts. After Linda had done the washing we decided to have a go at looking at some lookouts with the forecast for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. As we drove to a mountain east of Canberra, which boasted great views of the city and surrounds, it started raining. The views from the lookout would have been very good except for the rain and cloud cover, so it was no good taking photos. With us deciding a return trip would be the order, it would be an idea to leave photo taking until then.

We then decided to just have a drive around for a look and after visiting a shopping centre we heard about, Tugeranong Hyper mart, then return home where Linda would feel better off being in the thunderstorm. During our travels we ended up at the Telstra tower, a gigantic tower on the western side of the city also boasting spectacular views. It turned out the only good views to be seen would be from the tower and, even though the weather had cleared somewhat but with some black clouds still hovering, we decided that it would possibly be a waste of time, and money, to go up the tower to take photos if it were not fine, so we will also do it on upon our return.

A further drive around and we found ourselves at the shopping centre, shopping centre; this was not just a shopping centre, it was a township made up of shops, humongous, every conceivable shop one could think of. We were there for an hour or so, and we didn’t have any shopping to do, and hardly saw any of it.

It was now about 3.30pm, almost too late to do any more looking about, and would you believe the weather for the past couple of hours had been fine and sunny and it looked as though it was going to be like it for the rest of the day, and so it was, so it turned out we could have had a good days photo taking but was ruined because we listened to the forecast. One should have remembered that forecasters in New South Wales could never get it right, to my experience during our travels.

We don’t have time at this stage to stay any longer so the only option is to return for a longer stay at some later stage. We will be moving on tomorrow toward Sydney with an overnight camping stay somewhere half way.


Wednesday 6th February, (Albury).

We are at our usual place of stay at Albury, and although this park is quite satisfactory next time we visit this area it might be time to check out another just to compare.

The weather didn’t hold out so it was necessary to run the generator yesterday morning for a couple of hours to boost the batteries a little for when we need them in future.

Linda has done her birthday shopping for Narrelle and while here I decided to visit the Telstra shop because this is where I purchased the new CDMA mobile. My intention was to just bring to the attention of the manager the problems I have had and express my disapproval of what has happened and the she was very cooperative indeed. She assured me that if I didn’t receive any satisfaction with Bendigo then I could contact her and she would endeavour to assist where she could.

It is off again tomorrow toward Canberra; possibly with an overnight stop somewhere about half way, unless we decide to go all the way, probably depends on the weather more than anything.

We visited Narrelle’s in-laws again today and as usual it was great to see them again and for them to see us again. Mark wasn’t there today, but Kaye and Lorne were and we had a long chat, or at least a friend of theirs visiting did.