Gold Coast

Thursday 28th February, (Gold Coast).

Not much to write about our stay at Woopi as, earlier indicated, we didn’t do much there but relax, and we enjoyed it immensely.

We moved on Wednesday and decided to have a stop over at a small place called New Italy. There is a business set up at the rest area, or the rest area is set up where the business is, and there are toilets shops and phones available at the site. We selected this site from a new book we bought giving locations of rest areas and campsites. If I have mentioned this book before I am again going to say that it looks like we will get a lot of use from it and it won’t be long, I’m sure, that it will pay for itself.

We discovered an obstacle we will have to learn to overcome when stopping over at rest areas as we seamed to have picked up quite a few earwigs last night, we didn’t see any while there, but they certainly showed up today. So it will now better to be prepared to pick up insects of whatever kind.

We are now at The Gold Coast, camped at a caravan park just north of Surfers Paradise. We chose this spot because we have an old friend to visit who lives at Surfers, and the park we chose is surprisingly cheap, being a big 4 and in this area.

A typical problem occurred with us today that would have been easily overcome if we had put a little thought into the occurrence, yes we moved into Queensland today and didn’t realise until TV watching time when the programmes weren’t as per the guide that daylight saving does not exist here. Linda had already started to put tea on so the result was after adjusting clocks we sat down to tea an hour early, I am sure we will adjust easily enough.