Sunday 3rd February, (Bendigo).

What was only to be a short stay at Bendigo has turned into a full week. Continued discussions with the phone shop has yet come to nothing, the end result is that the manufacturer (LG) are to replace the handset, which will be quicker than it can be repaired, but they do not have any replacements. They will supposedly be there tomorrow so it is now a matter of wait until it arrives and I will inform them where to send it to me.

After organising what I could with the phone it has now turned nasty, weather wise, and we chose not to move on today as the wind is too strong and head on, we choose not to travel in bad weather.

We have had a reasonable look around Bendigo, with a ride on the historic tramway and a tour down the Central Deborah gold mine. This mine is supposedly the last operating mine of its size in Australia and one of the biggest when in operation.

We have had a good look around at some of the old buildings in the city, as some are quite spectacular, with the amount of work having been put into their construction being quite remarkable. Some of these would have to be the most spectacular for an area outside a major city that I have yet seen.

It was our decision not to visit all on offer in the area as there is no doubt that we will be back here again in the future and it would be wise to leave something to do next time.