Sunday 20th January 2002, (Tassie).

Well, here we are on our final day in Tassie and our not being able to wait to return to the mainland has come to an end with us due to board the Devil-cat this afternoon for our return journey.

We have visited everyone, we hope, that we intended to while here and said our farewells on the basis that we may not see any of them for a couple of years. It seems that our tentative plans for next Christmas are to be in Brisbane as Matthew and family are planning on being there then so it would be our intention to meet them there, therefore foregoing a return to Tassie next year.

The vehicle has been serviced in readiness for our upcoming travels, and all my medical checks passed with flying colours so we can now return with me, at least, having a clear bill of health.

All we have to do now is to pack up our gear and load it into the vehicle, say our farewells to Matt, Lou and the kids, board the boat and we are once again on our way to venture around more of this great land.