Tuesday 22nd January, (Melbourne).

Well here we are back in Melbourne and nothing has changed, it is raining. The rain started on the boat trip over and hasn’t stopped since we have been here.

We are camped at Rick Coopers place at Mt. Martha, a few kilometres south of Frankston. Our intention was to move on to Geelong tomorrow but have decided to stay on here for another day. We are waiting to find out if the weather is going to fine up and I am waiting to find out what is happening with the repairs to my new CDMA phone. I am waiting for a call tomorrow to find out what is happening with the repairs as they are being carried out at Telstra workshops in this area somewhere and there is a hope that I can pick it up direct instead of it being sent back to Bendigo where I put it in for repairs.

Staying another day will give us a chance to relax for a day and do some chores like washing and such.

Linda had a trip to the Vic. Markets today by train and returned in a state of amazement at what she encountered there as to what was on sale. She was heard making a comment that she is amazed that anybody in Melbourne would want to shop at a supermarket after seeing what was on offer at the market and the prices.

I had a rather productive day as well. I purchased and replaced the lock on the caravan door, as the other one was broken. I also managed to do some more work on the electrics, installing another meter to monitor the load current of the battery.

It is rather difficult to continue right now as my train of thought has been severely interrupted by a silly dispute over opening some biscuits today that I shouldn’t have, so that’s it for today.