Tuesday 29th January, (Geelong/ Bendigo).

Today we have moved to Bendigo from Geelong. We have been at Geelong since Thursday and had a chance to visit rellies while there.

We camped at David and Marnie’s, with an ‘ie’ not an ‘ey’ as I was promptly informed, as they have plenty of room on a large acreage. We managed to visit Dorothy and Ivor, some of her children, Anne and Tracy, and Marnie’s brother Michael while there and I think Marnie’s children, Andrew and Jessie, were glad to meet us once again. I thought it surprising that they still remember us after not having met them very often.

We had intended leaving Geelong earlier, Sunday or Monday, but it was raining on Sunday, not unusual for Melbourne area, and the fact that it was Australia day long weekend we decided not to travel on Monday due to the extra traffic returning from holidays over the weekend.

As we didn’t have to be in Bendigo until today, we had intended to have a leisurely trip here with an overnight stop somewhere, but as we didn’t leave until today we decided to make the trip in one go.

We must plan a lengthy period of time to just slowly travel this and other areas in Victoria as there are so many places in close proximity which look worthwhile visiting for a few days each rather than just drive through.

Now that we are in Bendigo I have visited the Telstra shop to enquire about my mobile phone and no news yet, but hopefully something will eventuate tomorrow.