Thursday 4th October, (Moree).

We have been waiting for mail from Matthew again and after enquiring with him on the weekend he informed me that he was ill and did not get a chance. With last weekend being a long weekend in NSW I didn’t anticipate delivery until today so when it wasn’t there yesterday I booked us in for another day so we would not have problems with collecting it today as we were trying to pack and move on. When the mail was not there this morning I almost boiled over and immediately sent Matt an SMS stating ‘WHERE IS MY MAIL’ and very soon after received a reply ‘Please don’t burn me alive, but do send me a new address’, which obviously meant he had not yet sent it. Dubbo is the new address I sent him so we can now move on to Coonabarabran tomorrow before going on to Dubbo so there aught to be plenty of time for it to get there.

While on the subject of staying on here for an additional day, it comes to mind the different feelings one gets from staying at different places. A good example is the last two weeks, during our stay at Goondiwindi we started to feel extremely bored with the place after about four days and ended up only staying for six, although we paid for seven, and then moving on to Moree. Now that we are at Moree we do not have any worries if we were to stay longer than the seven days we have been here already. There is no more to do in Moree, apart for the Artesian pools but we have not spent much time in them, than what there is to do in Goondi’ but the atmosphere is such that our stay at Moree is so much more enjoyable. I really can’t think of any other reason, than atmosphere, for enjoying our stay here that much more.

There is one thing occupying some of my time at the moment with a Magpie Lark at the park that obviously has a fetish with windows. I have noticed it for the last few days with his antics of forming a routine, varying on different occasions, but in same places, flying into windows. It does not hit them with a great deal of force, and one originally formed the impression that he was catching insects, but his habits are too regular on windows that obviously do not have insects upon them. He forms a routine for a period, eg 15 minutes, of flying at the same window then roosting, in the same place, making some regularly identical movements, than back to the same window etcetera.

Now that I have spotted him again today and have decided to try to capture him on film, would you believe he has disappeared, well I will keep my camera handy with my eye peeled and maybe I will catch him eventually.