Tuesday 2nd October, (Moree).

We investigated what was to do in the area and again decided that it was not warranted day tripping to see some of the places on offer, as we will ultimately be likely to be staying at these areas in the future. Lightning Ridge being one of these places, being several hundred kilometres west from here on the Castlereagh highway. There are gravel sections on the road from here so us driving is out of the question, and there are charter tours to the area also but the cost of doing so rules that out as well.

We did go for a drive east of Moree to Waa Gorge, near Terry Hie Hie. This was a trip that most would be disappointed in, as we almost were. The walking track to the first area of the gorge was well worn and obvious and as the sign at the start of the walk indicated that it was only an hour return, we assumed that we had seen all that was to offer. Other walkers told us that there was more if we were to continue along the track, even though it had diminished somewhat. We started to doubt their words as all we say was a creek bed, but another couple told us that there was in fact something worth seeing if we continued and to our surprise there turned out to be an amazing cliff and gorge formation in behind the hills. I was quite surprised that the walking track wasn’t properly formed all the way to this spectacle; it is as if someone is trying to dissuade people from visiting.

This turned out to be a worth while day trip, but I feel sorry for the people who turned back early because of doubt and missed this scenery, as we nearly did.

Another episode occurred today with Visa card failure, Linda’s this time again, and I am not going to be very happy if we have similar problems receiving a replacement as we have on two occasions so far this year. I have given what should be plenty of notice for mailing as the address I gave was for Dubbo and we intend being there for a period ending in nearly two weeks time, which should be plenty of time for any type of mail, but we will see.