Friday 5th October, (Coonabarabran).

I did catch that bird attacking windows later in the evening, but as usual it was very difficult catching him on film.

We have now moved on to Coonabarabran, 200 kilometres south, and set up camp with the intention of a TV watching weekend with Bathurst V8 racing on and I intend sitting all day and watching it. We are in very close vicinity to Bathurst, but I think I would prefer to see the race on TV rather than go to the track and see it live, as one would not be familiar with the best spots to see the race from, being on my own and not knowing the area. One would see more of the race on the box anyway.

We sat down again this afternoon and discussed ways in which we could down size in weight carried to increase fuel economy, as since the pushbikes and carry rack were fitted the associated increase in weight has placed just too much extra load on the panel van, which has resulted in extra fuel usage. The resultant decision was to be in Melbourne with several weeks to spare before heading back to Tassie so we can organise somewhere to store some of our things that we don’t really need but can’t afford to completely get rid of. So if we were to talk to Rick, ex work mate in Frankston, and see if he has a little spare space we could store some gear and if so we will leave some things there. The idea of leaving things in Melbourne would be so we could access them a lot easier, if we needed them, than if we were to leave them back in Tassie.

The plans while we are here is to have a day trip tomorrow looking at a couple of areas worthwhile like the observatory and scenic lookout on a mountain range a short distance west of here and then be back home to watch some events from the car racing, and then spend Sunday watching the big race. Linda is looking forward to just spending the day on Sunday doing things she wants to on her own, while I am preoccupied.

Saturday 6th October, (Coonabarabran).

A trip east through Warrumbungle National Park convinced us that we must return here and spend some time at the campsite in the national park. The area was quite spectacular with great scenery and appears to have bushwalks galore, so we could easily spend a few days in the area.

Not much else done today and will be the same tomorrow as it will be TV watching time, Bathurst 1000.