Thursday 6th September, (Sarina).

We headed off from Airlie Beach on our way to Rockhampton with the idea of stopping for a couple of days at Carmila, about half the distance, but when we were departing Mackay we noticed signs to Sarina, not quite as far as Carmila, but a little larger and having three caravan parks. The idea of stopping here instead, I thought, would overcome the problem of turning up at Carmila only to find the only park booked out and having to find somewhere else to stop. I am lost for a reason as to why we didn’t pick this town in the first place.

A minor drama occurred on today’s travels when while refuelling at Mackay I noticed one tyre on the caravan was a little deflated. As it seemed there was a lack of a pump at the service station I decided to check it further down the road, as it may have only been the way the van was sitting. When we arrived at Sarina, only about 35 kilometres further on, I noticed the tyre was rather low, so luck would have it that it didn’t completely deflate during travels. I replaced this tyre with the spare, and was quite surprised with the apparent lack of wear; the tread seamed almost like new, and took it to be repaired. When I picked up the tyre they informed me they could not fault the tyre, so they replaced the valve assembly and recommended to keep it as the spare and keep an eye on it for a while.

It is starting to seem as though that wise man that said Australia should be travelled in an anti-clockwise direction so as to travel with the wind may have been correct. Ever since we left Cairns to travel south we have had nothing but head winds that is playing much havoc with fuel economy.

We intend to stay here for four days at this stage and have a look around the area.