Saturday 8th September, (Sarina).

The forecast for today was afternoon showers and possibly thunder storms, so we thought it might be an idea to give the trip west a miss as not being suitable for photo taking. We instead decided to drive into Mackay and have a look around the township and predictably the weather stayed fine all day. Well there will always be next time for sightseeing.

Mackay is a township with a different layout, all cities and towns are different but I mean this one is different, as it is built in an area containing several creeks and a river with the immediate area between being of a swampy nature. Therefore the township is spread out, except for the southern area, making it rather large distances to have to travel to get from one ‘suburb’ to another. The coastline has quite a few excellent beaches and it is strange not to see housing areas constructed close to them. There seems to be one exception to this as there is one housing area built immediately next to a beach, but in this case there does not seem to be any access to the beach for anybody other than the residents in that area.

Tomorrow will be another day for relaxation as there is car racing, the V8’s, on the TV that will occupy my afternoon and I’m sure Linda will enjoy a quiet time as well.