Saturday 15th September, (Rockhampton).

The new battery; I have had it on charge all day yesterday with the small charger in the caravan with apparently not much charge being given. Today I fired up the petrol generator and expected the battery to be charged after about two hours, but after running for that period of time every indication was that the battery was still at a very low level. I ended up running the generator for in excess of six hours at high speed providing approximately 10 Amps of charge and the battery still wasn’t fully charged. With this 60 odd ampere/hours today and the 15 or so yesterday put into the battery, must mean it was very flat, seeing it is an 85 ampere/hour battery, and it is still not fully charged. This surprises me as the people I purchased it from assured me it would be ready for use. I have come to a conclusion that before the battery was ready for full use it had to be put through a full cycle of discharge and charge to bring it up to optimal use. This is something I have never heard of before, which if true is surprising after all the battery work I have performed when at work. Unless the test discharge and charge one had to apply to new batteries was actually for this purpose but not actually mentioned. Anyway now that I know that it will be fully charged tomorrow, or should be, it will be interesting to see the result of running the inverter next time we do.

At least I will remember what has happened in this instance and if and when I have to purchase another battery for the car, or whatever, it will be interesting to find out what the condition of it is.

This little exercise filled in today so no sightseeing was done, which probably means we will either will have to stay here another day or two or leave some of it until we return again.