Friday 14th September, (Rockhampton).

A purchase of a new battery was carried out on Wednesday and installation of it and the inverter was completed. The battery was not in a fully charged state when I picked it up so the rest of Wednesday was spent charging it.

A trip was made yesterday on a loop road from Rocky to Yeppoon on the coast and back to Rocky. The scenery on this coastal route was something spectacular, I almost decided that if I would likely settle anywhere this would be the type of area I would like it to be. The views of the Keppel island group from some of the houses on the hilly areas of the coastline are quite spectacular.

I guess if I had the money to purchase one of the properties here we would already own something elsewhere. The whole of the Capricorn coast is a very scenic area; it gives me the impression that if it were situated closer to Brisbane it would be another area like the Gold coast or the Sunshine coast, taken over by high-rise apartment blocks for tourists. The area still seems to be relatively untouched in comparison, which I suppose is why it is so appealing.

We had intended to visit the Capricorn Caves, about 23 kilometres north of Rocky that are privately owned and run and apparently quite worth the look, but after some more shopping to further the caravan for remote camping we ran out of time and decided to visit later.

A further clean up of the caravan to rid some more excess weight is the order of the day. Linda has finally conceded that there are items in the van that we could do without, so tomorrow it is go through things and find what we have not used so far, so if they are not needed they will go.

We had a practice run last night on self-power provisioning after about 5.30pm, for about 3 hours, and it seemed we used about 50% of the battery power, not knowing if it was fully charged to start with, so it seems if we do not get a chance to recharge we will have enough battery power for two nights. A problem we may have is with the battery charger in the caravan not being strong enough to meet requirements, but we should not need to use it under severe conditions as we have a petrol generator.