Thursday 27th September, (Moree).

We have in fact moved on from Goondiwindi and on to Moree, about 100km into NSW, on the Newel highway.

We have booked into the Gwydir Carapark as they worked out the cheapest and they have a thermal pool for guest use. The area is apparently known for its natural thermal springs. The one at the caravan park, according to the sign, obtains water for the pools from 2,500 feet below ground and is naturally heated to 39 degrees at all times. Maybe these are the conditions that are needed to get me into a pool; we will wait and see later into our visit.

We haven’t as yet had a look at what are on offer to see in the area, but there seams to be things to do to fill in time. The fact that we are closer to the township than at Goondi will give us a better opportunity to walk, or ride, into town for a look around, so this will help to fill in time.