Chapter 10

Inland Toward Home

Tuesday 18th September 2001, (Rockhampton/ Theodore/Miles).

A change of mind involving our travel arrangements has occurred, we have decided, for several reasons, to head inland south to Melbourne area in readiness for our trip back to Tassie. I am still calling Tassie home as we have spent all our lives there and we do still own the house, but when we return after our visit the caravan will be what we will call home.

Our original reasons for travelling south via Brisbane do no longer exist, as Matthew and Louisa are no longer visiting as a lack of funds dictated the circumstances. It is probably just as well they decided not to make the trip, as they probably would have booked with Ansett, like they usually do, and they would have lost their money with the demise of the airline over the past week. We have not heard anything from Linda’s friend whom she intended to visit, except that she may not be visiting either, so we no longer have any real reason for visiting Brisbane. I would have liked to visit my sister Deris, but it is intended to visit for a reunion next year so we will catch up with her then.

We also considered, in the back of our minds, that a possible result of retaliation by the Americans against the alleged Terrorists, possibly war, could effect our travel situation and as Linda pointed out that if things do get to the worst possible scenario she would prefer to be back home when it does. As a result we have decided to immediately begin our travels south to Victoria so we will be closer to home and therefore possibly in a better situation to get back there.

We don’t intend to make a rush and dash to get to Victoria, travelling at a reasonably slow pace, but it will be in the back of our minds that we may have to make a rush trip.

The trip started yesterday with us starting off west along the Capricorn Highway to Westwood and turning south along the Leichhardt highway. We travelled down to Theodore where we set up camp overnight at a campsite in the township. It appears that camping areas along this highway are not as existent as they are on others, I guess because not as many tourists use this road, or at least we don’t see as many, and the caravan parks that we have seen do not look the most inviting. We are now prepared for stopping at rest areas so we look forward to the opportunity for an alternative to caravan parks, as it will be a saving on parking fees.

The campsite was a novel change with the site being a rather pleasant place to stay, peaceful with no traffic passing, no loud noises to wake one early in the morning, no pressure to move out by a certain time and I could have actually spent several days there. Maybe we will stay at a campsite for an extended stay one day.

This morning we packed up camp and moved on to Miles, a couple of hundred kilometres south. Miles is quite a nice small town and we will stay here for several days. The park we are in is well presented for a place of its size with the exception that it is alongside a main road, but several others we have stayed at have been the same and haven’t really been a problem.

The route we are now travelling is certainly a contrast to where we have been travelling, as the scenery is mostly the same; a lot of flat farmland separated by the occasional hill covered in trees. We were quite surprised to find on our travels today a lookout that covered scenes of a so-called gorge, named the Isla gorge, but it was more like a mini Grand Canyon covered with vegetation.

We have now settled in Miles and are looking forward to a relaxing couple of days.