Friday 21st September, (Goondiwindi).

Yes a relaxing time was had at Miles, except for the trains passing on either side of the park all day and night; road trains on one side and track trains on the other. There wasn’t much option though as the other park was similarly situated just a few hundred metres up the road.

We did have a day trip to Chinchilla to have a look around and break the monotony of sitting around and forgot to take my camera. Chinchilla is a nice tidy little town and we may just stay there when back this way, but on just a day trip there didn’t seem much to take photos of anyway.

Linda gave me the impression that she would like to stay in Miles a little longer, but I was reasonably happy to leave there today as there was not much to do and the road trains were really driving me batty.

So as you may have gathered we moved on today and are now at Goondiwindi, on the NSW border. The road we travelled today, Leichhardt highway, would have to be the roughest bitumen road I have ever experienced. Not previously knowing the condition of the road I ended up a little quietly concerned how the caravan would handle the quite large bumps, so some areas were travelled a little slower, but she seemed to have taken the trip in her strides and survived without problem. The main thing than concerned us was the catch on the fridge door that constantly worked itself somewhat loose and we had to keep a close eye on it as we did not want the food from the fridge on the floor, which has happened before.

We went through a different criteria today for selection of which caravan park we were going to stay at. In the past we have studied our several books on parks before making our move and generally pick our selection to stay at when we arrive at our destination. Generally our selection seems correct but sometimes we have wondered whether our decision was correct after viewing other parks in the township. This time what seemed would be our selection was the furthest from the township, we prefer parks close to town for the convenience, so we decided that when we arrived at Goondi’ that we would investigate all parks, there being three, and make a decision then. The first was the one we selected and it seemed to meet out expectations, the second was the last on our selection list mainly because it did not have a rating and when we spotted it we saw what was probably the reason why, it didn’t look very nice at all. The third was in a position close to town that we would normally give first consideration but there charges were a little obscure and we also took into consideration some advice we were given about not staying at parks close to town due to the possibility of louts lurking. After checking this park it seemed a little too small and the only site they could offer us was one nestled in a back corner of the park and secluded. This did not suit me, but Linda did not seem to worry, so we ended up picking the one we originally selected anyway. I guess this means that there is not much wrong, so far, with our selection practices after all.

One gets the impression that there could be a fair bit to do in this area, but I guess we will find out tomorrow when we investigate.