Airlie Beach

Wednesday 5th September, (Airlie Beach).

An outing for tea was the order of the evening and this highlighted our reasons for not wanting to go into Airlie Beach during the day to walk around and take a few pictures. The main street is just full of touristy shops, and as Linda said “it’s no wonder this does not appeal to me, there is not a ‘normal’ shop in the centre”, and they were all open at night as well, seemingly still trying to extract the tourist dollar.

We instead went for a casual trip to Proserpine, about 16 kilometres west where we will again meet the highway when we leave here tomorrow. It turned out there didn’t seem there was much to do there so a trip further west to Lake Proserpine created by the Peter Faust Dam. This lake was created for three reasons; a water supply for the Whitsunday’s, a supplement to the water supply for Proserpine valley and to prevent the Proserpine valley flooding in wet seasons.

This all made for a casual, restful sight seeing day to fill it in nicely.