Tuesday 21st August, (Townsville).

Narrelle and Matthew got away yesterday with no problems, which is more than what I can say for returning the rental car. When I booked the car I asked for a small cheapy and they quoted me a Corolla at $135.00 odd. When we picked up the car we had been upgraded to a Commodore, which we thought was great until we returned the car yesterday. A bill was given to me of $268.99 that I immediately queried and all the girl at the desk would do is give me a phone number to ring. To cut a long story short, it turned out that our quote was for a weekend special, which I was aware of, but we returned the vehicle at 1300 and we were billed a default full rate because we returned the vehicle later than midday, the time limit for the special. After explaining that I was not informed of the return deadline, and seeing we were only 1 hour late they decided to only charge us the original quote, so all worked out in the end.

Relaxation for the remainder of yesterday and today as stiffness has set in the legs after the long walk around Magnetic Island on Sunday and hopefully all will be better tomorrow to ease with packing up for a move on Thursday. We will be travelling on to Bowen from here, about 200km south on the coast.

We will be studying our future travels when we get to Bowen as Matthew emailed last night to say that they would not be going to Brisbane in October as planned, so we can now change our travel plans to bypass Brisbane and head inland earlier if we so desire.