Sunday 19th August, (Townsville).

We have had an enjoyable few days with Narrelle & Matt visiting us before their venture off to England. A leisurely day was had yesterday having a look around Townsville and the immediate surround, such as parks and the lookout in the middle of the city. One of the major tourist attractions of Townsville would be Castle Hill, which is situated next to the city area, or at least the city and suburbs were built around the hill, and it provides the most spectacular views of the entire city and suburbs, day and night.

Small world, while walking through the city a familiar face appeared, Allan Lawson and wife, he works for Telstra back in Launceston and they live just a few blocks from where we did and our kids went to school with theirs. We had quite a chat, discussing the latest news with what is happening back home and it turns out he is still waiting for a package, as he has for ages, and can’t get one. They are here for a usual biannual trip to Townsville to visit children.

We all ventured across to Magnetic Island today but we could not afford the trip as we would have preferred, as the cost of transporting the car on the barge was just too great, about $140 odd would you believe, so we travelled across on one ferry and returned on the barge because as they docked at different places on the island we thought that we could walk over a mountain bush walk and when we arrived at the end we would be in the area where the barge left from. As it turned out Matt and Nell would have preferred to do the trip the other way round as they were hopeful to do some diving while there and it wasn’t until we were about to leave the island that cheap diving trips could have been had a lot earlier in the day. We didn’t know this earlier because the information centres obviously couldn’t, or didn’t want to, inform us about it.

After walking about 12 kilometres, up and down hill, all day it will be interesting tomorrow to find out how well my bike riding has contributed, exercise ways, to assist to enable me to walk such distances trouble free or not.

So a relaxing evening will occur this evening having a look at the photos I have taken the last couple of days, and both Matt and myself need to do a little net surfing.

A couple of last things we have to do tomorrow with Nell and Matt before we see them off at about midday, which may be our last meeting for a few years, and then we can settle down, give our legs a couple of days to recover, then off on our travel routine once more.