Tuesday 14th August, (Townsville).

The park we had chosen, Rowes Bay, had reserved us a site this morning and just as well, the park we stayed at last night was a nice enough park but is too close to the airport and army choppers were taking off and landing until about 11pm. I was awoken at about 5am this morning by the large trucks travelling the highway outside the park. The road runs along the front boundary of the park and bend around the end boundary to straighten and travel directly away from the park. An opening in the hedge in line with the highway give the effect of a sound tunnel with the truck sounds seeming to be amplified in the park, which resulted in my being woken up.

The Rowes Bay Park that we are in now is also a very well laid out park and in a very good area with beaches across the road and the city close by. The airport is still reasonably close and a local tells me they could hear the choppers last night as well, but there does not seem to be much action with them tonight so it may have been a non regular event.

We have decided that we need an extra fridge so we spent some time today looking at some and we found we were quite surprised at the price of camping fridges, as this is the type we need so it can be run on gas, 240 volts and 12 volts. There was one fridge type that we considered very suitable as it only ran on 12 volts, unless from a power supply from 240, and stays cold for a very long period of time and not use much power, the downside of this fridge was the $1,900 price tag and we could not justify that price to keep a few vegetables cold, so the conventional 3 way type at $600 odd seems to be the go. It turns out there is a camping show on this weekend so we decided to leave the purchase until then because the story is that they may have some show specials and a slim chance that we may get one cheaper.