Monday 13th August, (Townsville).

I did not think that I may have been somewhat glad to leave a park due to other campers, but this was almost the case at Charters Towers as the ‘gentleman?’ that was parked next to us was starting to get on my nerves. It turned out our moving because of this was not necessary as the offender moved out as well. He is a man that is hard to have a constructive conversation with because he knew all the answers and was always right with everything others said being incorrect with his ideas being better, especially with suggestions making caravan life easier. An example of which was when he asked me what the red coil springs were under the back of the panel van; oh I forgot to mention that he is a man that misses nothing. My explanation was simply what they are, how they fit and work, which is as a supplement to the rear suspension to contribute to handling loads in the panel van. His reply was “may as well put another leaf in the springs as it would be better and cheaper”, now this was a reply from a person who had never seen these devices before and not having experienced exactly what the benefits were, and after trying to explain the benefits he just up and left as if upset because I had beaten him at his own game. My first encounter with him was when he introduced himself while I was working on the bike rack supports, so I thought while I had been interrupted, which at the time I did not consider it an interruption, I may as well have a smoke. When I mentioned this to him his reply was a sharp retort of “give that up it will kill you”, and when I replied with “and so will a bus if it hits you so will you stop using public transport” dumbfounded him and it took some time before he could think of something else to try to convince me was wrong. He topped off my feelings of ambivalence toward him when he started to pack up at 6:00am or so, which a lot of campers do, but was very noisy about it, as if he gave no consideration toward others trying to sleep.

Anyway enough of slanging as it is not normally in my nature. We have now moved on to Townsville. We had picked out a park we were to stay at as we also made a booking for Nelle and Matt in a cabin this weekend, but we have arrived a few days early and there were no vacancies so we have had to temporarily move to another park until they do. After doing some running around town today to find some parts for the caravan I have come to the decision that this is an area that we could easily come to enjoy, but the next week or so will tell, especially when we move into the other park, which I reckon will suit us a lot better because it is in a much better area.