Charters Towers

Thursday 9th August, (Greenvale/ Charters Towers).

We have moved on to Charters Towers, which is situated west of Townsville by about 120 kilometres. We had a stay at Greenvale, about half way from Mt. Surprise, just overnight then one would not give much consideration to staying any longer. The park itself is a reasonably good one, but there is simply nothing to do there. The township is an old mining town that a private enterprise purchased after the mine closed down and have kept most of the town operational as a tourist attraction but there did not seem to be much happening in the way of tourists, but it is enlightening to see such a town stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Something I have learned over the last couple of days is that when travelling in outback Queensland check fully on the condition and type of roads one intends to travel. The roads we have been travelling for the last three days have been sealed but only one lane wide, so if passing or overtaking one must go off the edge of the bitumen and travel with one wheel in the gravel. I was aware that there were roads around of this construction type but did not realise these particular roads were, if I had realised I would not have travelled them as they may as well have been totally gravel and I do not intend taking the caravan on gravel. The episode was a learning experience though; as I have now learned some things that I must do to modify the caravan to improve things that may have given us trouble eventually even on good roads.