Wednesday 29th August, (Bowen).

A very unpleasant night was had by myself last night, and Linda as a result, after suffering multiple bites on my legs and arms from sand flies. The problem with these bites is that one does not feel the actual bite and feels nothing until one goes to bed the bites itch with a burning feeling, bad enough to keep one awake all evening. I did notice that if I sat up uncovered, the cool night air gave great relief, but one froze all evening and is now suffering those consequences. The park management gave me a recipe for cure and repellent, which I tried and so far it seems to work, but over night tonight will tell. The formula is as follows: Equal parts of Dettol and baby oil with 25% of that volume of Teatree oil, shake well before use, apply liberally and rub into the affected areas or all exposed areas.

The gasman came today and after explaining what I wanted a quote was given to do the job and I declined, as it would be far cheaper to buy extra gas bottles. He was a help though as he informed me that one can purchase an adapter to convert from the large gas bottle outlet to the small one, so my problems will be solved by purchasing one of these and obtaining an additional 4 1/2 kilo gas bottle with the large outlet. This way I could use the new bottle for the fridge and as a spare for the caravan and keep my small bottle for a fridge spare.