Tuesday 28th August, (Bowen).

The centenary celebrations on the weekend were quite enjoyable and well presented for a small township as that of Bowen. We caught some of the activities in the streets on Saturday afternoon, like races, a novel race regularly held here is the tomato carrying race where contestants race carrying a large bucket of tomatoes in each hand over a predetermined distance without spilling any. If any are spilled either he or a team member has to pick up the spilled fruit and replace it in the bucket before race completion. There was also several entertainment displays. We visited the park in the evening where the festivities continued and sat through a show given by John Williamson, the Australian country singer, which we both found quite entertaining.

Sunday was a day for me sitting under the awning with the TV on the table watching the car racing, the Queensland 500 V8 racing was on and was a thrilling race compared to the other two or so at this venue in previous years. Linda had a day of relaxation, reading her books, when she wasn’t doing normal chores such as washing.

Monday was the day to get the power steering on the car fixed and a service while it was at the shop, so after delivering the car and before picking it up we went for a lengthy ride, for Linda anyway, on our cycles and decided that we had to have a good look around the area in the car when we get it back. The vehicle was repaired and I took possession of it again on Monday so today we had our look around the area. Several scenic lookouts give a very good appreciation and views of the countryside surrounding the township and also of some of the northern most islands of the Whitsunday group, quite spectacular. There are also a couple of rather nice small beaches on the western side of the town that are well patronised.

If the Whitsunday area is anything like this we are going to enjoy our stay at Airlie Beach next week. I figure Airlie Beach is behind the land area behind Linda’s head in the picture above.

I have arranged for a plumber to visit in the morning to discuss the possibility of fitting another gas feed from the bottle on the front of the caravan to the outside of the van, near the door, for connection to the outside fridge to eliminate the need for extra gas bottles and give us an outlet for running other things such as barbeque etc. I am not sure if such an addition would even be legal, but this is the reason for discussion before a decision is made to complete the installation.