Wednesday 1st August, (Atherton).

Well, we are again on the move and keen to do a bit of sightseeing and, wouldn’t you believe it, it is raining again. We at least took the opportunity to look around and see what is on offer as far as bush walks and decided on a couple we will undertake when the weather is fine enough to get some decent photos with the sun shining. I did locate a walk immediately behind the caravan park, about 4KLMs return to Widow maker, and after talking to the management it seems quite a worthwhile walk to a decent lookout, so this one has been included into our schedule.

We visited the crystal caves today and quite enjoyed it as an attraction with a difference. We had thought of visiting them on our visit about 5 years ago, but decided against it because it is man made, not a natural cave, and had thoughts that it may not be worth it. On this trip we have heard quite a few people say it was quite good so we decided to make the visit. Even though the cave is man made the exhibits are actually natural, although not many are Australian but from all around the world, and some are quite spectacular.

We had thought of visiting the Lava tubes later in our travels in this area, but have now decided against the idea because of the price. It seems they require a payment of $40.00 odd per person for a guided tour, but this little black duck has no intention of paying that amount to see some caves.