Thursday 12th July-part 2.

Cooktown itself is a rather nice little place, where one could settle in the caravan for several days, if only the roads were suitable to take the caravan. The views from the top of the hill in the township right on the coast were something to behold, 360 degrees covering the ocean to a large distance inland. I arrived in Cooktown at about 2:00 pm and after having a look around, at about 3:30 pm, I decided to keep going and make the return trip on the same day, saving accommodation monies, but what was to happen next proved this to be a not so wise and costly decision. On the return on the inland road I started remembering the words of advice from those I had spoken to about watching out for the Kangaroos, when it occurred to me that their advice was ill given as the thing I considered I should be looking out for was the cattle on the road. The farms in the area had no fences on the roadside and the cattle were free to wander as they pleased, so an alert eye was kept open at all times. One became familiar with spotting the cattle and all was going well until the sun started to set and then a bloody big kangaroo jumped out in front of me and unfortunately there was nowhere to go but over, or more to the point, into him. After breaking rather hard, avoidance was impossible, I almost came to a standstill when contact was made with this thing that when ready to hop was almost head high with the top of the windscreen, hence I believe most of the damage to the car was the animal being forced underneath the front of the it. It is nothing that a new complete front wing and many supports won’t fix, along with anything else that was damaged on his way under. This is what insurance is for I suppose, but with an excess of $300 it is still a costly decision not to stay over night. Arrangements were made today and tomorrow should see a decision as to when the repairs can be undertaken.