Sunday 8th July.

Linda has been gone for a little over two weeks now and although I miss her company immensely I am finding that I am coping quite adequately. Contact with Linda reveals that she is longing to back (home as she referred) with me, she is quite occupied at present as Louisa finally gave birth to grandchild number two on Friday 6th at about 11:30 pm, a boy named Japheth (Jay) James and weighing in at 6pound 11oz. I have been busy sending emails to my family members, as Matthew may not think to do so and at present waiting for a photo to be emailed to me from Matt. so I can print out and show him off to my fellow campers.

I solved a small problem, hopefully, with the awning the other day that should help prevent a build up of water pockets on the awning near the edge between the posts. The awning, not having supports between poles, and having an upswept seem all around the edges cause water to build up behind the seem and stay in mass on the awning, so a needle and cotton and sewing down the seem in the centre between the poles has hopefully resolved the problem. A bike rack has also been mounted on the rear of the caravan with some modifications and I will have to look at further modifications to resolve another problem with it. Stories have lately been sent to a caravan web site that I regularly visit advising not to do this as a rack mounted to the rear bumper of the van will shake during travel and consequently cause parts to fall off the bikes, so a mod such as an eye bolt screwed into the rear of the van immediately under the window with an attached rope tied around the rack pole should resolve that problem. Exactly how to do this is yet to be decided.

I have finally weakened and have treated myself out to a meal, twice in fact, once each weekend, but only two more weeks until Linda returns.

Having the pushbike, and regularly riding it, has given me the opportunity to have a closer look at some of the areas around Clifton beach that I would normally have not seen, such as Trinity beach and others that are close by, but not close enough to see when walking. I have also traversed most of the streets in the area as well and had a good look at some of the houses about, and have come to the conclusion that one would have to have a small fortune to establish oneself in the district, so I think we will just keep returning and camping in the van.