Cairns, Clifton Beach

Thursday 21st June, (Cairns / Clifton Beach).

At 6.oo am this morning I put Linda on the plane to go back home for a month for the birth of grandchild number two, and here it is 6.00 pm and I have all day been feeling stranded, or lost, in a remote area on my own. I am sure I will get used to being on my own, but how long it takes is another question. After all these years of being spoiled the strangest feeling of the day has simply having nobody to tend for me so I have to learn to do it myself.

It has been a full week since putting any words down, which just simply demonstrates that life is just too hectic and one just does not find time.

We moved from Port Douglas to Clifton Beach, about 17klm north of Cairns city, and moved into a property owned by the API, the one we looked at earlier. We stayed hear, in the units, when we travelled up here for Christmas 1995, or so, to meet Narrelle on a break from her missionary in Papua New Guinea. The climate at that time of year was unbearable but we fell in love with the area, and now that we have moved back in to the unit grounds a lot of memories of the previous trip are flooding back and we are happy that we decided to park here. I think now that Linda has gone and left me to myself, I will enjoy it here, as the area is quiet and suitable for doing some work that I intend to do to the van. I now have extra work to do as I purchased myself a pushbike and I will need to construct a carrier to mount on the back and a cover on the front to park it under, the cover will be big enough for two as I intend to purchase one for Linda upon her return, assuming I, or my knees, take to cycling ok. More benefits of this area are the beach across the road, not that I intend swimming, but it will suffice for walking, and the whole area has cycle tracks running along side the roads which make cycling all the more an attractive option, which will help entice me to ride often and train myself up before Linda returns.