Saturday 9th June.

It has been over a week since writing anything and the reason is that we didn’t do much, it has been raining for the past 9 days or so and it has given us the opportunity to do what we really enjoy doing; absolutely nothing. Well we did almost nothing; we did have a look around some of the area like a small section of the Atherton area to see the Cathedral Fig Tree once more, and we also spent time in the city area mainly around the pier where there is a large building, which offers lots of information and souvenirs for tourists. There is also an aquarium in the building that we visited, but we were a little disappointed as it was not quite what we expected as it was advertised as the best in Australia and from memory it was not anywhere nearly as spectacular as the one at Townsville.

We had a look at the caravan sites at the units at Clifton beach that are owned by the Australian Postel Institute, of which I have been a member all my working career, with the view of my staying there while Linda is back in Tassie. We thought it may be a better place to stay as there may be people staying there that I could better associate with while I am on my own.

We had originally planned to move on from this park tomorrow and go on to Port Douglas, but it is still raining and we won’t be moving anywhere in the rain. It is actually starting to look as though it is clearing so we will make a decision tomorrow.