Friday 29th June.

My idea of slowing down has worked to a degree where I haven’t done everything yet, but it is hard as when I start to do something I tend to just carry on and do whatever there is to be done. This is what life is all about; at least now I have a choice of when I want to do things and when I don’t.

Small world; memories of work situation of years ago, the man in charge of the maintenance section and the St John building where I used to work was one Ken Manson, alias ‘HAP’, he was the centre of stirring at the time due to the fact that not many people liked him. It was also known that whenever any body travelled overseas, or wherever they travelled, his nickname would be inscribed somewhere obscure, and the stories that resulted by other travellers, finding it, was one of the comedy situations of the time. Well, who should appear and stay at the holiday units where we are camped but he himself. Things have changed over the years and he has become sedate, or at least he does not have the worries of work anymore and I know how he feels, even my ideas have changed and I find I am conversing with him as if he had been a close friend for life; I never thought that would ever happen, as I was one of those who disliked this man for reasons of which are now unknown to me. Another couple moved in next to us in their caravan, also from Tasmania, and it turned out to he used to work for the same section of Telstra that I did but in Hobart, Max Roberts being his name. It turns out he remembered my name, although I have no memory of ever meeting him, as I believe I was rather well known throughout the state. When he mentioned his name I also remembered it, as he was well known statewide as well. So in the space of a couple of days I have met two people from close to home and known to me.

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that I haven’t been in contact with any of my old work mates for a long time, I am of the belief that any email address, work wise, that I had for them may not apply anymore as they have had changes to their LAN and web connections and such so this could be a good reason why. I did send a message to my ex boss, Tim Arnold, explaining this and his reply was that several people had enquired as to my whereabouts and what I was up to, so I guess somebody back there does care after all. With further messages I will attempt to obtain current addresses so that I can contact some of them personally.

I have been getting on reasonably well looking after myself while Linda is gone and have found that it is not all that difficult. I haven’t weakened yet by eating out, but I don’t know how long it is going to be before I do.