Tuesday 26th June, (Cairns).

It is almost a week now since I have been on my own and things have settled down, I have gotten myself into sort of a routine in what must be done when it must be done. I have taught myself how to use the sewing machine, which has enabled me to strengthen the corners of the awning, for eye holes, that I had constructed for a cover at the front of the caravan, and surprise, surprise, after reading the instructions it wasn’t all that difficult after all.

Buying the pushbike, at this stage, seems to be proving one of the best things I have done for ages, after having it for a week and riding a short distance daily my legs are feeling better for it already. Although the distance I ride is not great it seems to be becoming easier each time. I went to Port Douglas the other day and rode along the beach, given that the name of the beach is 4 mile beach one would assume that a return ride would amount to 8 miles, which I handled ok but the legs certainly knew what they had done.

I went for a drive up to the Atherton table lands today with the intention of having a look at scenery, caravan parks for when we move up there and such with the idea of riding the bike around wherever possible, but wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I went over the top of the mountains it started raining and persisted all day, or at least until I returned to Cairns and it looked as though it did not rain much in town all day.

One thing I am going to have to learn is not to rush in and do all these jobs I intend doing as before I know it I will have them all done and will be sitting here on my own, twiddling my thumbs trying to think of something to do with myself, so I figure that if I slow down and only do a small amount at a time then the tasks I have to do may last the duration. Actually if this unnatural weather for this time of year continues it should not be too difficult to delay these tasks.