Tweed Heads

Friday 11th May, (Tweed Heads).

WE have moved on and are now at Tweed Heads, close to the Queensland border, which leads me to the idea that chapter eight is about to commence when we enter Queensland, which will be on Sunday I reckon.

Our travels took us through Woolgoolga, as it is on the way, and we spotted a sign that summarises our thoughts about its name, it read ‘Welcome to Woolgoolga, a hard place to say, a great place to stay’.

We travelled further today than we had originally intended but then it would be an advantage to do this, as we are now closer to Brisbane so we will now be able to judge our entry time to Brisbane so as to miss the peak traffic.

We picked a caravan park, a big 4, to stay at in Tweed Heads but the map I was following did not show enough detail and we could not access it from the highway as we entered the township. I am still unaware as how to access it but we decided to just book into our second choice, which was much more easily accessible. It seems that it doesn’t matter how much thought we put into selecting which park we intend staying at, there is always something we overlook; this park, and the big 4 we selected, are obviously near an airport as already several planes have flown over at a very low altitude in what must be take off mode, very loud, and it is obvious that the reason that caravan parks are in the area they are is due to these setbacks. One would get used to them, I should imagine, after living here for a while. Overhead power lines and areas stuck behind hills are common problems, giving poor TV reception.

We were taking note of fuel prices as we travelled from Coffs to Tweed (Heads) and the price of gas seemed to increase slightly and petrol seemed to decrease to an extent that the crossover point of economics of using gas was crossed so I may now have to use petrol. I did notice that petrol at a station near the caravan park we booked into was over 10 cents cheaper than just down the road, so I reckon they are already charging Queensland prices even though we are not quite there. A drive around the area and into Queensland tomorrow will reveal the prices in the area and the difference between petrol and gas so as I can decide what to refuel with and where.

One thing I have noticed is it seems to be warmer here than Coffs, and I have had people tell me since we left Coffs that “there is nothing hot about the NSW coast”, and it doesn’t seem to get as cool as the sun goes down. A comment by a fellow traveller from Tassie, whom has now settled in Tweed, that this area is so much warmer than Coffs and is better all year round, I can only believe the locals.